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Launching an enditnow campaign will help your church draw awareness to the issue of abuse, promote collaboration with the community to develop solutions, and help your church become a safe place for everyone. The official enditnow emphasis day is the fourth Sabbath in August, but can be held on any date convenient for your church. Join us to help end abuse, create safe churches, and help victims.

August 26, 2023, "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: When those who claim to be followers of Jesus harm others"

“Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” is a candid look at abuse by anyone in a position of spiritual authority or influence. While abuse is always destructive, the damage and fallout are magnified when it is perpetrated by someone who claims to be a Christian and is either a member or a leader within the church. The morning session will give an overview of what constitutes abuse along with the unique impact of abuse when it is perpetrated by someone who claims to follow and represent Jesus. It will also examine the responsibility of the community of faith to the victim as well as to the abuser when abuse does occur. The afternoon session will start with a short film entitled “Sarah’s Diary” which features a true story illustrating how one in a position of spiritual authority and influence can become “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This will be followed by an open dialogue about how the body of Christ should protect “members of the flock, particularly the lambs in our midst” as well as how to respond when it does happen. 


1. Word document of the Resource Packet (with sermon and workshop)
2. PowerPoint for the sermon entitled “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” 
3. Word document of the Workshop Handout Questions (“Sarah’s Diary”)

4. Word document of the Workshop Discussion Notes (“Sarah’s Diary”) (Additional notes for the facilitator) 
5. Word document of the Workshop Video Script (“Sarah’s Diary”)*

6. Sample image of the cover slide of the Sermon’s PowerPoint presentation (for advertising purposes)

7. Sermon Video

8. Workshop Video

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