Launching an enditnow campaign will help your church draw awareness to the issue of abuse, promote collaboration with the community to develop solutions, and help your church become a safe place for everyone. The official enditnow emphasis day is the fourth Sabbath in August, but can be held on any date convenient for your church. Join us to help end abuse, create safe churches, and help victims.

August 22, 2020

"When Jesus Ended It"

This year's packet comes to us from the GC Ministerial Association. The sermon, “When Jesus Ended It,” was written by Anthony R. Kent, ministerial associate secretary. The seminar, “Wounds of Abuse: Can we do more?”, was published in Ministry® International Journal for Pastors, November 2018. The children’s story is provided by Linda Koh, director of GC Children’s Ministries. The handout, excerpted from Dr. Dunbar’s booklet, is a bulleted list and accompanied by a short PPT to supplement its presentation.


You will be blessed to hear Luke’s gospel narrative of the crippled woman whom Jesus saw in the synagogue one Sabbath during his last journey to Jerusalem. His deep compassion for her suffering caused Him to heal her right then and there. The good news is that Jesus is willing do the same for each of us today.


Sermon-Packet: When Jesus Ended It

Sermon-Slides: When Jesus Ended It

Seminar-Slides: The Wounds of Abuse

Handout-Slides: Individual and Community Response to Domestic Violence









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Sermon PPT

Seminario PPT

Respuesta individual y de la comunidad a la violencia doméstica


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Need help now? National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1−800−799−7233 or visit thehotline.org